10 December 2002
Tidied up the Links pages, and I've also started working again on Quazatron, as well as a couple of other little things. I noticed there was a link to the page in 'Retro' - (Edge's special issue dedicated to retro computing) so I guess I should get started again. I've also got a few new remakes and emulators to upload which I'll do in the next few days.
15 May 2002
Updated the Stats page. Well, it's better than nothing. ;)
26 February 2002
Added a few new compilations, all with an adventuring theme, and have a few more to come. Incidently, if you want information about Spectrum adventure games, The Spectrum Adventurer is a great place to look.
25 February 2002
Added another 5 of the Crash Smashes, and also have a few new remakes to add soon. Also, Hungry Horace is on the 'PC Utilities' cover CD this month. OK, there are 1000 other things on there, but still... ;-)
15 February 2002
Um. Things look a bit different around here...
Unless you're a first time visitor, you may have noticed that the site looks a bit different. Please don't be frightened - I just fancied a change. I'm not saying it's better, or worse, just...different.
The main things that have changed are the new drop down menus just up there (*points upwards*) and that the individual games pages have gone, leaving just the search engine. The main reason for that is that they were a huge pain in the arse to update and it was putting me off adding new snapshots. Anyway, everything else should be just as it was, content wise, so have a look around. And if you spot any problems, or have any comments, please let me know.
Oh, and if things look a bit wonky, refresh the page a few times, just in case your browser is caching some of the old graphics etc.
06 February 2002
It's alive! Yes, I'm still here, despite not updating the site for a while. Fixed a couple of broken/changed links, and added remakes of The Pyramid and Lazy Jones to the remakes page. I have a few more to add, and I'll also be releasing 32 bit versions of my own games, because the EXEs are very small and the occasional problems that have been experienced where tunes sound a bit strange etc. should be eliminated.
Fact of the day : I'm currently getting between 250 and 300 hits per day, on average. I don't know where you're all coming from (well actually, I do 'cos I collect site stats) but a big Thank You! everyone...
24 December 2001
Small update today - I've added remakes of Football Manager and Subterranean Stryker, and three of the missing Crash Smashes. Hopefully, over the Christmas holidays I'll get some time to work on Trans Am and Quazatron so look out for updates in the next couple of weeks. And have a very merry Christmas!
07 December 2001
Finally got around to doing a Getting Started page. It's very basic info but if you don't have a clue where to start it will get you up and running.
27 November 2001
New remake started - I'm going to have a go at a PC remake of Quazatron. Have a look at the development page.
20 November 2001
[JJ] Webmaster of Retro-Remakes has added a forum to his site, for discussions on all things remakey. Check it out!
17 November 2001
Small update to Jetpac - decided to add the hover key - version 1.1 is on the JetPac PC Page
15 November 2001
Uploaded another 100 or so snapshots. Should also have a JetPac PC update later tonight...
11 November 2001
Added most of the map data to Trans Am - there should be an updated release in a few days time. I've also moved the message board from boards2go to my own cgi bin - I'm in the process of transferring the old messages, some of the timestamps etc. may not be correct at the mo (not that anyone ever uses it anyway). One last thing, Geekstyle have some really nice T-Shirts, some of which have a Spectrum theme. Check them out. If you want to, obviously :)

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