JetPac PC

Being a PC remake of Ultimate's classic debut game.

Downloads : JetPac PC v1.10 (426k) Original .TAP File (10k)

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17 November 2001
Slight update - added the 'Hover' key!
15 November 2001
Finished! (Sort of)...Here's version 1.0 of JetPac PC. There are still a few enhancements I would like to make - including adding better sound effects and playing around with Jetman's inertia (thanks for the help and suggestions, David), but for now, this is it - I want to move on and start something new...
02 June 2001
Another update - I've added a title and menu screen, and tidied up a few things. If the tune sounds a bit weird, download and run the Allegro setup program and change the Midi driver to 'MPU-401' - that should sort it! Download version 0.90 of JetPac PC (594k).
25 May 2001
Finally - an update! The game can be played all the way through, with all of the different waves of baddies. There are still a few bugs to sort out, and I'm not totally happy with the 'Owls' on the last level, but I thought it was time to release an update. If you spot any bugs, or notice anything that is totally inconsistent with the original, please let me know. Download version 0.85 here (310k).
30 March 2001
Only completed 6 of the 8 levels but I thought it was time I put an update on here anyway. The game can be played right through but, at the moment, the baddies loop round every 4 levels instead of 8. When the other levels are complete I'll put up another Source and Exe release but, for now, have a go at this one
JetPac PC Screenshot
22 March 2001
I bought Phantasy Star Online recently, so I haven't done as much work on this as I meant to - but I've fixed a couple of bugs, and I've finished the Alien movement for the first four levels (more or less). The other levels shouldn't take too long and then it will be a case of fixing the remaining bugs, tweaking the playability, adding a tune and the rest of the sound effects and putting a decent menu screen on the front of it all. I should have the updated source (with all of the levels complete) on here some time next week.
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01 March 2001
An update at last. I have spent some time rewriting & restructuring from scratch but, to be honest, I've spent a lot more time trying to keep up with the huge number of posts on comp.sys.sinclair, and doing some lurking on alt.digitiser too. *Anyway* I've now got the basic structure of the game in place, and it can be played right through (albeit with the same baddies on each level). Next, I'll add the other baddies, sounds, a proper main menu and a lovely tune (and sort out the 'floating fuel' and 'jumping Jetman' bugs - you'll know them when [if] you see them). Here's the source and exe.
JetPac PC Screenshot
08 February 2001
Added bonus object routines - baddies next. Once again, the source and exe are here.
02 February 2001
Moving quite quickly now - Jetman can assemble each of the ships and can fuel them. Next, I'll add the other objects, and I'll be half way there! The source and the exe are here.
JetPac PC Screenshot
30 January 2001
Finished the Jetman movement routines, and added the laser (eventually) - I'm not totally happy with it, but I'll come back to it later. Next I'll add the Rocket parts & other objects. Here's the source and the exe
27 January 2001
Again, I'm using DJGPP and Allegro to code JetPac. So far, I've got the ledges up on the screen and I've started writing the routine to move Jetman around. At the moment, he can fly round the screen and land on ledges. Next thing to do is refine the movement routine (so that, for instance, Jetman gets launched into space when he is at the end of a ledge). Then I'm going to give him a Big Gun! The source, so far is here and the EXE is here
26 January 2001
Welcome to the JetPac PC development diary. I've caught the remakes bug after doing Hungry Horace, and plan to remake the other two Horace games but decided I wanted to try something a bit different first. Let me know what you think.

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