Transam PC

31 July 2001
Sorry I haven't updated this in a while but I've been quite busy. I've got the gas stations and some of the hazards (near the start) on the map and I've also started working on the enemy cars - the movement isn't right yet, but it's a start. Here are the EXE and the source
Trans Am PC Screenshot
13 July 2001
Coming along quite nicely - the game logic is nearly finished (game over, end of level etc.) the gas station name appears when it's on screen and there's even a cup to collect. Here are the downloads : EXE and source
Trans Am PC Screenshot
10 July 2001
Added the 'Night Driving' option, the car's position is displayed on the small map, I've added some hazards and a gas station (not in their correct places, yet) and the car can race around crashing into things and refuelling. Here are the V0.35 EXE and source
07 July 2001
I started mucking about with a Trans Am remake and thought I could get one going pretty quickly, so I'm going to write one in between finishing off JetPac and starting Monty Mole. So far, I've got the speed, fuel and temperature guages working and the car drives around the map bouncing off the edges of the playfield. Hopefully I'll have an update in the next day or two. Here are the EXE and the source of version 0.20

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